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What Are Video Brochures?

Video brochures are a new and innovative way to get your message to decision-makers that would have never answered your phone call or email. If you are having trouble meeting or talking to the right people, having difficulty explaining your differentiation in the market, or describing your value proposition to the client, then the video brochure could be the answer.

Video Brochure Details:

  • Video Brochures come in 5 video screen sizes: 2.4", 2.8", 4.3", 7.0", or 10".
  • Various template configurations for formats and custom formats can be created including multi-page video books, jewelry boxes and other box combinations with video screens, free standing video screens and more. Just let us know what you're looking for! Most likely we can make whatever you need.
  • Memory configurations of 128M to 4.0G for hours or more of video/audio playback.
  • Various button options for sound, pause, play, stop, and video selection for multiple videos.
  • Automatic play when opening and stop when closing.
  • Light sensors, touch screens, and more.
  • You can supply the graphics artwork using our templates or we can do the graphics for you.
Ask us about our pricing. You won't find a better price!

Below are sample pictures of the various formats to show the overall look and feel of the these devices. If you are interested in pricing or have questions, please fill out the form on the left or send an email to Craftlogic Sales or call us at (800)887-8405 x1. We can also ship you a sample for you to review and we can even produce samples with your artwork so you can see what you'll be getting. We're here to help. We know all the options and possibilities and help you make the right choices.

Also, take a look at how our parent company has used them: Getting Your Message Across in Today's Market. Video brochures improved sales so much, we decided to produce them ourselves! There is simply no other way to get your message to the decision makers and have them see and hear your message.

Please schedule a call with us. We can tell you so much more about how video brochures can increase your sales. Also, knowing more about your business, we can assist you in picking the right options and give you ideas about how best to market your business.


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